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In a world where traditional development often meets yawning audiences, The Other Comedy Company introduces a fresh, innovative approach. Founded in 2022, by Clifford Myers, our mission is straightforward: harness the universal appeal of comedy to drive meaningful connections whether they're at a show or during a laughter-based learning session. 

Why comedy? Comedy isn’t just about laughter. It's about connection, perspective, and challenging the status quo. We believe that when humour is infused with traditional learning, the outcomes are magnified. Our participants don't just sit and listen; they engage, react, and most importantly, remember.

Our journey began in a humble comedy show at The Port in Port Hope, ON with headliner Jason Allen and a live-demo with the always-friendly sales team at Lorenz, and since then, we've grown to include a diverse range of services—from transformative workshops and corporate training that have been attended by 250+ participants, to showcasing Canada’s top comedic talents through tours that have reached cities across Eastern and Western Ontario. We've been fortunate to produce events and fundraisers that resonate, leaving both laughter and lasting impact. 

What sets us apart?

  1. Expertise: With a core team of comedy professionals, we bring a depth of knowledge, tools, resources and network to the table. All of our clients receive white glove service. 
  2. Quality: We are widely recognized for our consistent delivery of top-notch events and workshops. Everything we do is client focused with your goals and blockers in mind. 
  3. Partnerships: Our collaborations with 120+ partnerships, including venues, businesses, and home-grown Canadian comedians, speaks volumes about our reach and credibility in our industry.

Our commitment remains unshaken—to provide unparalleled experiences where humour and growth coexist. Join us, and let's redefine the boundaries of learning and entertainment together.

To hear what our clients have to say, check out our testimonial page. 

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