The Other Comedy Story

Welcome to The Other Comedy Company, where we combine comedy and education to provide innovative corporate training. Founded by seasoned comedian Clifford Myers, our company is a leader in laughter-based learning and a strong advocate for professional development both in-and-out of the comedy world. 

Clifford has been performing standup comedy for 14 years and has a wealth of experience, including hosting the Brantford Comedy Festival for a decade and being featured at notable events like JFL42, NXNE, and Evolve Festival. 

In 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic brought stand-up comedy as a live entertainment option to a full-stop and Clifford pivoted towards learning & development for Canadian tech-giant, Shopify. After three years of rapid growth and a priceless education with one of the most ambitious advocates for entrepreneurs world-wide, Clifford was ready to combine his love for comedy and education to create engaging corporate training programs that incorporate comedy as a learning tool. 

Our training programs are 100% facilitated by standup comedians. We strive to support Canadian comedians by offering off-stage work that helps them grow their independent careers. Our aim is to generate more job opportunities for comedians, allowing them to reinvest in their individual brands.

Today, The Other Comedy Company stands as an innovative leader in laughter-based learning and a strong advocate for professional development. Join us as we revolutionize training experiences and reenergize the workplace. 


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