If you're looking for a deeply engaging way to spend the day with your team, look no further than our Laugh & Learn Workshops! We offer a variety of workshops designed to educate and entertain. Below, you'll find pricing information for our three prime workshops.

"Funny to the Core" - $2000 +tax for group sizes ranging between 6 -10 participants. Product and customer-centric workshops for teams that are working directly with product and customer solutions. The macro focus of this package is to increase retention, engagement & productivity.

"Always Be Laughing" - $2500 +tax for group sizes ranging between 6 -10 participants. These workshops are dedicated to sales teams and centre around communication skills, comfort levels and taking action. We aim to increase both physical sales and personal drive

"Lead Through Laughter" - $3000 +tax for group sizes ranging between 6 -10 participants. These workshops get into the nitty-gritty and not for the faint of heart. Minimum of 3 hours. Our leadership intensives tackle business blockers and team barriers like no other workshop and help prepare a path forward to confront company goals head-on. This workshop is no joke.

All of our workshops include all necessary materials, as well as light refreshments for IRL sessions. Book a Curation Call today.

All workshops are curated to address your team's direct goals and blockers. 

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