The Other Comedy Story

Comedy is for everyone 

The Other Comedy Company was born from one radical idea:

"What if we could revolutionize the way people connect, learn, and grow through the practical use of comedy and gamification?"

Our mission is simple:

To break barriers, ignite creativity, and strengthen communities by delivering unparalleled comedic experiences.

Our Story

Clifford Myers, a seasoned Canadian comedian and President of The Canadian Association of Sketch, Improv and Standup Comedians, founded The Other Comedy Company on May 4th, 2022 one minute after being fired from Shopify.

This scrappy, resilient, do-it-yourself attitude became the instant bedrock of our foundation as a business. Understanding that our clients are innovators and connectors who want to work with innovators and connectors. We quickly learned that our clients were the type of people who thrive off grit and aren't afraid to take risks to accomplish their goals. 

With the bold idea to combine comedy with personal and professional development, what started as a humble venture has evolved into a functioning organization that brings together comedians, educators, business leaders and innovators.

Clifford's unique journey from standup to startup has shaped our approach, integrating laughter with learning to create lasting change. 

Read more about our first days in this Business Insider article

Our Services

Comedy Events

  • Experience comedy like never before in exceptional settings. Forget dark basements; we host our events in stunning locations such as vineyards, goat farms and glamping sites, creating lasting memories worth leaving the house for. 
  • Our events are meticulously crafted to captivate and engage your audience, ensuring every moment is memorable and feeds into the positive culture of your community. 
  • Perfect for corporate events, private parties, and community gatherings, our comedy events are designed to leave a lasting impression.

Customized Team Building

  • We design team-building programs that address specific workplace challenges, such as cross-team friction and leadership inefficiencies, etc. Our games are built on the underlying social and emotional skills necessary to achieve collective goals like how to have difficult conversation or acknowledge personal bias, etc. 
  • Utilizing before-and-after surveys, we track your company’s cultural progress and ensure our activities foster genuine improvement.
  • Our customized sessions enhance team dynamics, promote collaboration, and build a cohesive, productive work environment.

Project Management 

  • We work long-term with clients who are eager to innovate and achieve project goals using the unique lens of comedy.
  • Our approach leverages humour to boost creativity, enhance communication, and improve problem-solving skills.
  • We ensure successful project completion with clear objectives and measurable outcomes, making the process enjoyable and effective.

Our Network

We collaborate with an extensive network of talented comedians, exceptional venues, and top-tier service providers. This powerful network enables us to tailor our offerings to meet your specific needs, ensuring every event is unique and impactful. Whether you need a stand-up comedian for a corporate gathering or a distinctive venue for team-building, our network delivers excellence. 

Interested in joining our internal network? Fill out this form and Clifford Myers will reach out to connect with you directly. 

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