Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why do you use professional comedians to facilitate training sessions instead of professional trainers? 

Our training aims to go deeper into the soft skills and emotional intelligence needed for long-term stamina and team cohesion. Our network of professional comedians have spent decades honing their craft, learning the ins-and-outs of communication, connection and conflict  live and in the moment. 

This untapped advantage is what separates us from other Learning & Development agencies. The years of dedication to bomb after bomb emboldens a calloused spirit that we believe all organizations can thrive from. The willingness to do hard things and reject the impossible is what the world needs right now. 

We're happy to help facilitate. 

Why would our team benefit from The Other Comedy Company over a more traditional training service — or even our own internal facilitators? 

Our training is more uncomfortable. We very much believe traditional training is important, especially for more granular tasks required for specific roles. But when it comes to developing soft skills & EI — learners need to be pulled out of their comfort zone and open to uncertainty. We specialize in experience architecture to produce the outcomes and use automated check-ins to measure impact. Plus, each session is curated to your team's specific KPIs. 

What can we expect from a typical session? 

The unexpected! You can also expect a professional comedy facilitator to welcome you to the session and lead your team through a series of improvisational games, activities and discussions that will bring everyone out of their comfort zones and closer together as a team. 

Are you strictly a Learning & Development company? 

At our core, yes, but that doesn't close us off producing, partnering and funding live events like fireside chats, conferences, summits and stand up comedy performances. We make sure all our decisions feed our mission to Lead Through Laughter! 

What's the best way to reach out? 

This contact form right here!