Belly Laughs For The Brain

Comedy has the incredible ability to activate our flight-or-fight systems creating a learning experience that teaches us how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable in real time. We build customized programs that incorporate gamified comedy activities to teach your team the social and emotional skills necessary to thrive in the workplace. 

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Customized Programing

We have 1000+ comedy-games at our disposal that are used in conjunction with your team's direct goals. All games corealte to specific skillsets like active listening, difficult discussions, expressing intent, acknoweldging personal bias and more. 

Data-Informed Results

Our programs are built for results. We engage teams with before and after surveys to measure expectations and performance. We also keep a record of all results for repeat-clients who want to measure their progress over time. 

Building For The long-Term

We know your team has a big mission to build for the long term and so do we. We directly partner with organizations looking for a more intensive training program that integrates our training across multiple teams and disciplines. 

Informed Discovery Process 

We know you have a million questions and we want to make sure you have the time to ask them. We offer free consultations to get a deeper understanding of your company's immediate goals and blockers. You're on a mission, we want to help you get there.

Our mission

We envision a world that can take a joke. Built on resilience, heart and grit. Our mission is to teach the worlds leading innovators and creators of tomorrow how to learn through play-based methodologies that use comedy as a practical learning tool to instigate growth.

We make sure that our learners are the star of the show.

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What our Clients say


“Clifford is building something really cool here and is much needed. Teaching students how to learn through embracing discomfort is incredibly impactful!”


“We had a great time team building with our front desk staff at Haute Goat. Not only did we have an impactful learning experience but the excursion was just what we needed.”


"The best thing about Clifford's programming is that is got us out of our shells and proved to everyone in real time that they were capable of overcoming their blockers."