The Other Comedy Story

Founded in 2022 by seasoned comedian Clifford Myers. With 15+ years experience in the Canadian comedy business and 3 years at Shopify during the Covid-19 pandemic — it was a natural transition into entrepreneurship where Clifford dreamed of combining his two greatest loves, comedy and education, to teach resilience, resourcefulness and personal responsibility at school, home and the workplace. 

What To Expect From
TheOther Comedy Company

Experience programming tailored to your needs

Enjoy performances hosted in uniqu venues

Trust in comedians who prioritize the audience experience

Benefit from our development of unique, interactive learning tools


To break barriers, ignite creativity, and strengthen communities by delivering unparalleled comedic experiences

We Work With Canada's Best Comedians, Like:

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Evan Carter

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Kate Davis


Courtney Gilmour

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Jason Allen

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Rebecca Reeds


Darryl Purvis

Feedback From Our Audiences

“Jokes & Goats was awesome! We got to play with goats, eat great food and enjoy an awesome show!“


“There's something about comedy in a vineyard that's just the perfect end to a long week! Thank you Other Comedy Company! “


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