Our Mission

Our Core Objective

At the heart of The Other Comedy Company our mission is to create comedy with a purpose.

Whether it's an immersive event like our Jokes & Goats festival that connect our patrons with nature, animals and each other or a laughter-based learning program that uses comedy as a learning tool for personal and professional development  our core competency is connection.

Connecting teams with their mission, comedy audiences with their community and comedians with their careers. 

We're The Other Comedy Company... And we're funny like that! 

Comedy as a Catalyst

  • Connection: Comedy has the inherent power to connect individuals, teams, and audiences of diverse backgrounds. Through this connection, we create a space of trust and openness. 

  • Perspective: By presenting situations and ideas through the lens of humour, we allow participants to view challenges and solutions in a new light, often leading to out-of-the-box thinking. 

  • Resilience: Laughter fosters resilience, helping individuals navigate through challenges with optimism and grit. 

Our Workshops and Learning Experiences

We provide workshops carefully tailored to merge theoretical knowledge with practical comedy-based exercises. Our aim is to foster an environment where participants feel engaged, challenged, and inspired to apply their learnings in real-world contexts. Especially around topics that can be hard to navigate like developing self-confidence, navigating difficult conversations or challenging personal bias. 

Personal & Professional Development Workshops: 75 minute workshops including venue planning, session planning and single-topic focus. Groups of 5 - 10 per session.

Corporate Learning Experiences: 2 hour intensive sessions for sales, support and leadership teams including session planning, goal analysis, before-and-after surveys and five available learning streams to choose from - Energy, Creativity, Confidence, Curiosity and Trust. Groups of 5 - 10 per session. 

Elevating Canadian Comedy Talent

In our commitment to the arts and comedy industry, we actively seek and promote Canada’s top comedic talents. By providing a platform for these performers, we not only elevate their careers but also offer our audience and workshop participants unmatched quality in comedic content. 

How We Elevate Canadian Comedy Talent

  • Showcase Platforms: We organize independent tours across various cities, giving comedians the stage they deserve, ensuring they reach a wide audience hungry for quality comedic content.

  • Financial Support: Recognizing the challenges many artists face, we offer competitive compensation for their performances. Moreover, we occasionally sponsor talented individuals, ensuring they can focus on their craft without financial constraints.

  • Workshops & Training: Beyond the stage, we provide workshops and training sessions for budding comedians, helping them refine their skills, understand their audience, and navigate the professional world of comedy.

  • Promotion & Marketing: We invest in marketing and PR efforts to ensure our partnered comedians gain the visibility they deserve, including features on our website, social media shoutouts, and press releases.

  • Legal & Contractual Guidance: Navigating the legal aspects of the entertainment industry can be daunting. We provide resources and guidance to comedians to ensure they understand their rights and are treated fairly.

  • Feedback & Growth: After every tour or performance, we gather audience feedback and share it with our artists, ensuring they have the data to continually refine their acts and connect better with their audience.

Community and Partnership

Every event, fundraiser, or workshop is an opportunity for us to strengthen our community ties. We believe in:

  • Collaboration: Building strong partnerships with businesses, venues, and individual talents to amplify our impact. We are direct about wanting to build long-term partnerships with businesses who share our values and ambitions. 

  • Giving Back: Our fundraisers are designed with dual purposes - to entertain and to create tangible positive change within our communities. We provide a bridge between communities and the problems facing those communities to create a lasting impact. 

Vision for the Future

As we look ahead, our ambition is to be recognized as the number one leader in laughter-based learning and Canada's favourite alternative. We envision a world where comedy's potential is fully realized, and personal and professional growth as well as community development is achieved in tandem with laughter and play-based psychology. 

Join Us

Whether you're a business seeking a refreshing approach to professional development, an individual aiming for personal growth, or a comedian looking for a stage, The Other Comedy Company is your partner in this journey. 

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